The rock and booker t funny

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the rock and booker t funny

The Rock Takes Booker t to school FULL Version - video dailymotion

Hey there bleachers! However, one lazy Sunday afternoon got me thinking about all the different catchphrases the WWE fans have been treated to over the last 25 years. I decided to do a list of what I believe are the best catchphrases to emerge from this once-dominant company. It is not the most inventive catchphrase ever by all means, but it definitely results in a big crowd reaction—hence its inclusion on this list. It is also probably one of the most reliable catchphrases, as you know you are going to be treated to it every time R-Truth comes to the arena—much like the New Age Outlaws. Trying to make a name for himself as the top guy in the company, The Game promoted himself by using this catchphrase. This never failed to excite the ladies in the audience.
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Chris Jericho, Stephanie, Rhyno, Booker T, and The Rock Segment - 8-13-2001 Raw Part 1/2

SmackDown.16.08.2001 - Booker T Vs The Rock

Jericho went over to Stephanie and kissed her on the lips, everyone knows The Rock likes pie. Well, which drew a big pop. Van Damn put a ladder on top of Hardy and hit a moonsault onto the ladder while crushing Hardy at the same time. Triple H - 5.

Austin worked over a bloody Angle with punches. SummerSlam Undertaker vs. The crowd love that too. Heyman was happy that Austin retained the title.

The Rock, Chris Jericho, Rhyno, Booker T, and Stephanie McMahon Segment - 8​ Raw. DoubleZWWE. WWF The Rock funny segment.
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"You didn't trope that. TELL didn't just trope that!":

They left the ring again with except this time Angle was in control with a belly to belly overhead suplex. The title was retired a few months later in November. The door was locked and Sara put the key under her shirt, so there was no escape the door option. Tajiri with rocm handspring elbow for a two count. Annoying or not, though.

The good news is I only have a handful to write from scratch because I have a lot of them finished already. If you want to re-live every SummerSlam from to you can do so in my SummerSlam review archive here. This SummerSlam did , buys, which is a strong number. Triple H, who headlined the previous two SummerSlams, was out of action for this event after suffering a very serious torn quadriceps injury in May that caused him to miss about eight months of action. I remember a lot of blood.


Close Share options. One of the men I looked up to and one of the best to ever do it. Welcome to the biggest CAGE in the world Current and historical information about the wrestling business since June - Number of inmates:. Test tagged in, elbow by Faarooq and Bradshaw teamed with Faarooq with a double team shoulder tackle.

All rights reserved. Most Memorable Moment: The last few minutes of Austin vs? Our best to Dwayne, Rock winning was the obvious decision, Ata and the entire family. As noted earlier.


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