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show and tell 2 teachers book pdf

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How to teach reading with phonics - 1/12 - The Alphabet & Letter Sounds - Learn English Phonics!

Activities encourage children to explore the question while learning the language they need to think and talk about it.

English Language Teaching

Go through the verbs from the Word Bank and tell students to use them in the Present Perfect or Simple Present tense, to complete each text. Continue asking booo the rest of the items on the list. Clear learning aims at the start of each unit, a Now. Mike: We need to find out.

Lars: Nice. Students use their visualizing and interpreting skills to produce original writings and drawings? Ask students teacers they are familiar with these concepts. Dad: Follow Directions.

For longer courses, the Workbook provides additional learning tasks. Set a reasonable time limit. Have Ss share their tips with the class. You may not ask questions.

Problem-solving activities encourage children to think critically and creatively. In friendly conversation, people often try to find things in common or areas of agreement. Play the recording again. Read everything carefully before doing anything.

I like to watch sports on TV. Loving2Learn offers great read and draw comprehension activity of a monster. Self-Evaluation Every unit has a Self-Evaluation Chart that provides an opportunity for self-reflection. Emphasize the importance of rising intonation to express strong feelings.

Finally, using uncountable nouns correctly. Examples include the verb forms that students have most problems with, have students share the most interesting answers they got from their classmates. It Is about ten times more frequent in conversation than In newspapers and other written booi. Complete the chart below.

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Write the chemical equation for photosynthesis. Th,n listen. I'm not really into sports. Communication Activity - Drawing Twins.

Hello, you Susan. Have students read the Reflect on Grammar chart. Claire: Have you read the news today. Check answers with the class.

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Is teachrs. This new business will bring in thousands of dollars? Show More. It is true that eating fats and junk food does not do any good to our health, but what else can make a difference! Oscar: Look.

J9,AD "'-! Introduction What's new in the Second Edition? Touchstone is an innovative series for adult and young adult learners ofAmerican English that is used by millions oflearners worldwide. The Second Edition has been thoroughly updated based on suggestions from teachers and students all over the world. The database also includes the multimillion-word Cambridge Learner Corpus, which shows us how learners at different levels use English, what problems they have, and what the most common errors are at each level. Corpus research ensures that learners using Touchstone will encounter the most useful and widely used words, phrases, and grammar in a range of everyday situations.


Ask Ss to call teacers interests from the board for each magazine. You may assign scores for each correct answer. Students use their visualizing and interpreting skills to produce original writings and drawings. Uke the syllable sis in as.

Leadership Compass Page 2 of 6 What is your first inclination when you get a new project. How did you make your PowerPoint presentation. Grammar, and conversation strategies taught in earlier units are recycled in later units. Go around the classroom providing any extra guidance students may need?


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    Objective: This should illustrate how hard it is to give clear instructions as well as how hard it is to listen, and can also show how things are easily misunderstood and misinterpreted. Listen - Answer 6. Choose the difficulty. 😔

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