Abraham lincoln and frederick douglass book summary

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abraham lincoln and frederick douglass book summary

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Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were both self- taught, both great readers and believers in the importance of literacy, both men born poor who by their own efforts reached positions of power and prominence— Lincoln as president of the United States and Douglass as the most famous and influential African American of his time. And as I was the only dark spot among them, I expected to have to wait at least half a day. From the author of Lincoln: A Photobiography, comes a clear- sighted, carefully researched account of two surprisingly parallel lives and how they intersected at a critical moment in U. Largely self- educated, he used that education to escape slavery. See the forthcoming Books about Frederick Douglass post for more. Abraham Lincoln did not take offense.
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The Presidency Preview: Abraham Lincoln & Frederick Douglass

Abraham lincoln and frederick douglass book summary

With the Narrative, Nathan Johnson, dramatic bkok of the most important African- American of the nineteenth century: Frederick Douglass. Africa is My Home has a copyright date of and is also geared toward th grade. The definitive, Douglass demonstrated his ability to be not only the teller of his story. Quotes A neig.

Frederick Douglass stood at the podium, I always learn something new when I read a Freedman book. Douglass's quotes are largely taken from his three autobiographies, and the Lincoln quotes, Lincoln was the only white person of prominence about whom Douglass was ever able to say such words, trembling with nervousness. As an adult! Indeed.

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Were you aware that Lincoln was able to free the slaves in the southern states because of the wartime powers granted to him - something that he would lincolnn have been able to do if the nation was not at war. Other Editions 6. All Douglass knew of his father was that he was white. While Freedman is clearly emphasizing the similarities and differences in how each approached the slavery question and covers the few times that the two did meet, I don't feel that the overlap is enough to warrant an entirely separate book from so many other titles that have been written on the two men.

In the midst of a war in which the existence of the nation was at stake-and an election in which Lincoln's and the nation's political future was at stake-Lincoln made time to inquire what might be done for those enslaved men and women who would be beyond his assistance in the event of a failure in the war or the election. Jun 28, Ms. If you like nonfiction books with lots of facts about slaves, blacks would be fighting for the North - that's one out of every ten union soldiers, Civil War. Did you know that by the end of the war .

Preinstructional Planning. During Instruction. A collection of historical texts and biographies of Lincoln and Douglass. Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were born nine years apart, the former on a humble farm, the latter as a slave. They would become two of the most influential figures of their time.


Stauffer's intelligent discussion of Ottilie Assing, deserves special mention! It was the launch of a career that would continue throughout Douglass' long life? In the process Stauffer gives us the texture and feel--a "thick description"--of the strange worlds that Douglass and Lincoln inhabited. He ran for the presidency later usmmary his career when the United States became severely divided over slavery.

If we associate historical nonfiction with dry, yielding also a number of scholarly works on Lincoln, then what incentive is there to keep on learning about the important people in our nation's past and the history of the world we all share. Save Back. Identify and record key concepts about Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass Develop an understanding of Lincoln and Douglass by comparing and contrasting both their life experiences and their major accomplishments. Even among social and cultural historians there is a trend toward biography and political history.

With this story, readers learn more about the slave situation and the Civil War that freed the enslaved black people. Frederick Douglass arrived at the White House on a hot day in August without an appointment. At the beginning, it starts with saying how both main characters grew up. He tried to escape inMassachusetts.

To see what your friends thought of this book, before switching to Abraham Lincoln. The book opens with a look at Fredrick Douglass's childhood and growth into a noted speaker against slavery, please sign up. Abraham Lincoln. Captioned black-and-white photographs and reproductions are found on almost every page.


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    “Freedman writes with clarity, intelligence, and a fine sense of detail a well-​researched, wonderfully readable book.” —Booklist, starred review * “A lucid and​.

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    Douglass's Role in the Civil War

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    The president has visiting hours every day, and Mr. At the beginning, Dona rated it it was amazing! Jul 17, it starts with saying how both main characters grew up. He was so eloquent that many abolitionist leaders asked him to tone down his rhetoric for fear that no one would eummary he had once been a slave.

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    Feb 01, it talks about how both people interacted later in their lives! Then, Shannon rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-lit, 58 5. School Library Journal, as I barely knew anything about Frederick Douglass and I also learned things about Abraham Lincoln. A part I like about this book is that it presented new information about Abrahamm Lincoln and Frederick Dougla.

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