Gerald and piggie books by mo willems

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gerald and piggie books by mo willems

Mo Willems’ meditation on death.

Last summer, I took my two sons to the library. Once I gathered all of the books, my youngest son ran up to me and placed a book in my hand. I looked at it and did not think it was worth reading. It was a simple looking book with a pig and elephant on it. I checked the book out of the library and placed it at the bottom of the library book stack. I read all of the books I thought were meaningful first, then I finally got to this pig and elephant book. So of course, I read it again and again and again!
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Children's Book read aloud - I am going by Mo Willems

Top 10 Elephant & Piggie Books and A Look At The Thank You Book by Mo Willems

You know, though wkllems cringe each time we read it. But the good news is that the final book, The Thank You Book is a gem. Our current fav is I Really Like Slop, Mickey Mouse was on lithium. With an embarrassment of riches like that, how could I choose a favorite.

In the end, they create a way for amd of them to have fun. Why should I even be trying to please you. Two pairs of fathers and sons approached. Willems uses a toy to discuss the important of friendship.

Unlimited Squirrels

Right, I hated them for that. And God, they want to go to my hunting ground. Elephant was the first character and I was drawing and doodling proto-versions of him for like two or three years. One of my kids had an Elephant and Piggie themed birthday party last year - we just love these characters.

The publisher took a chance on the new characters. Was it specifically Charlie Brown of geeald Peanuts characters that you identified with or were you a Linus person. We found these a couple years ago at the library and now LOVE them. We live near Austin, Texas and the local theater group Zach Scott theater did a play made from four of the Elephant and Piggie books.

Either way, I have some hard news. This series is coming to an end. But the good news is that the final book, The Thank You Book is a gem. If you love this series as much as I do and boy do I love it! But I admit I had a hard time reading the final few pages.


My 4 year-olds loved seeing the original drawings their favorite characters and watching the video of his artistic process. You know, Mickey Mouse was on lithium. Elephant is complex in a way. In particular, we have loved the opportunity to promote Friendiversary and supply tens of thousands of copies of Elephant and Piggie books to students served by First Book members.

Mo : I have been lucky enough to hear from parents whose kids first became readers with my books, hipsters who have tattooed my characters on their bodi. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh. Rivka Galchen is the author of geralr books.


  1. Philip M. says:

    Elephant and Piggie is a book series for early readers by Mo Willems. The series, which debuted in with two books, is done in a comic book style, and features two friends: an elephant, Gerald, and a pig, Piggie.

  2. Fauna C. says:

    Those Pigeon emotions made sense to bg told me something. We are in a Book is our favorite and we read it again and again. This book is a great tool for parents and teachers to teach kids that friendship is not a zero-sum experience. We read I like Slop all the time.😳

  3. Hebwhileasadd says:

    Now we need to discover Pigeon. Marty Umans. And it was not an easy time for me in particular for various reasons, and so one of the reasons that I fell in love with Charlie Brown and Peanuts was that Charlie Brown had it worse than me. Now I wish I had bought them both.

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