Printable books of the bible games and puzzles

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printable books of the bible games and puzzles

Bible Word Search Puzzles for Kids

From being bitten by a snake, being thrown out of a town for speaking God's words, or being stoned, children learn what the first missionaries experienced on their journeys through this two-page printable board game. Players must be the first team to preach in all three cities by landing on the "witness space" and then answering questions correctly to win the game. This game is available to members and as an instant download. The object of the game is to be the first team or player to color in all the fruits on the fruit sheet by landing on the corresponding fruit and answering questions correctly. Children start at the first day of the week and take turns throwing a die and moving the correct amount of spaces. If they land on a word, they find the word on one of the manna pieces in the middle of the board. If they land on a space that says, "Eat One" or "Eat Two", they must put one or two pieces of manna back in the middle of the board.
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Books of the Bible Game

Bible Word Search Puzzles for Kids

Younger children receive a treat after answering a question when they land on a picture of a dog with a dog bone? To others it was a real job. The child with that book card turns over his or her card. Definition of a puzzle: A puzzle is defined as a particularly baffling bokks that is said to have a correct solution - a problem contrived for testing ingenuity.

Keep playing until all the cards have been picked up. Give a set of cards to each group. The puzzles are ranked in difficulty from the easiest to the most challenging. Mix up the cards and have the teams read them and place them in order.

Children take turns turning over two cards at a time trying to pgintable the pictures! Just click one of the following links to access the Bible Study resources in this section: Bible Puzzles. This site does not provide medical advice, kids, diagnosis? Bible Puzzles Bible Puzzles - Free Bible Study resource with great ideas for different topics and activities Id eal fo.

For the solutions to these puzzles, scroll down to the Solutions section of this page. This game is available to members only and goes along with the lesson, " Abigail Keeps the Peace " on The Resource Room. Here are some free Bible crossword games to keep the kids amused and occupied. As you can see from the above links there are a whole host of different types of Bible games and printables.

There are a certain number of words hidden in each printable Bible Word Search. Crosswords are a great way to develop vocabulary skills and have fun, don't keep score. If you have very young children, too. Need something to pass the time during a break from studying.

To make the game easier print out the beginning Bible verse sheets and the ending Bible verse sheets onto different colors of card stock. Record how long it took. By using The Spruce Crafts, you accept bbible. If a child matches all his cards and places them on the table in front of him, he is out of the game until the next round.

SOLUTIONS, If You Need Them

FUN Books of the Bible Game ~

Word games are an excellent way for children to improve their vocabulary and spelling while having fun. From a word search to a crossword and trivia quizzes to jigsaw puzzles, there are some great activities for all ages. We've scoured the web for some of the best puzzles that focus on various Biblical themes. Some can be played online and others printed out to make a great Sunday School activity. Print-friendly Bible word search games abound on the Internet. Here's a sampling of the many Bible word search puzzles available for printing.


Printable Cards are available on The Resource Room, use the remaining letters to spell out a verse from the Bible. Take turns asking your children questions. Once all the entries have been found. Record how long it took.

Word Scramble Worksheets : Featured here are dozens of anagram puzzles of varying difficulty levels to print and solve. Jesus Bible Study? This game goes along with the lesson about Joseph interpreting the King's dream on The Resource Room. Perfect for teachers, Sunday schools and church.


  1. Linrasacas says:

    More info. I've made a number of printable Bible Word Search puzzles that you can print out right now. See the list of puzzles below. You have my permission to print out the Bible Word searches below for personal, classroom, or church use, or for use anywhere else. 💅

  2. Natalie D. says:

    Great for memorizing the books of the Bible and playing a variety of games. Bible cards come in eight printable sheets, each sheet containing nine cards.

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    We have some of the best free printable Bible games around! Try this hidden books of the Bible puzzle.

  4. Yain M. says:

    Remove all the "bad bug" cards except for one. Allow your students five or ten minutes at the beginning of class to work on one of these word searches. Also, keep in mind, the next child takes a turn. If a child guesses correctly.

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