Ever after high royals and rebels book

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ever after high royals and rebels book

The Unfairest of them all: Ever After High by Sanya Nair on Prezi

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Apple's Tale: The Story of a Royal - Ever After High™

Characters of Ever After High

She is a classic Rebel with a rlyals. Good King. Although in his tale it states that being a hunter he must kill animals, he refuses to do so. She now attends Ever After High.

He isn't one who fears challenges, he doesn't know how to dance but still agreed to compete with Darling Charming in the "dance-off" and lost. She also loves music and has an amazing singing voice with a wide range of different styles, all debels which she sings beautifully. He is the father of Melody Piper. She appreciates that her close friends understand her for who she truly is.

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Duchess looks down at Raven Queenbecause she believes that Raven's story is just as bad as hers? Evil Queen. He is a Rebel due to the fact that he doesn't want to fulfill his destiny because of his love of music. Skip-Bo Toss Across U.

Because of his relationship with Ashlynn Ella he is not keen on bpok destiny and is happy to change it, making him a Rebel. Ashlynn also tends to a garden and is in touch with nature. Ashlynn originally sided with the Royalsbut possibly became a Rebel to be with her boyfriend Hunter. Farrah Goodfairy.

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Auspicious Charming. She is passionate towards cheerhexing and can be pushy and rude if things doesn't go her way. With his kind and modest attitude, the girls of Ever After High enjoy his company. Raven Queen. Giles Grimm is the down-to-earth brother of Milton Grimm.

Apple White is destined to rule the kingdom in the future and has been brought up exactly for that purpose. She has the qualities and is excited for the future. Everyone wants to be her friend, but only the royals occupy that position. She is currently single with boys falling at her feet, but she knows Daring Charming is the one for her, but they have eternity to be together. Not only that, but Briar is the smartest even though not many know it. Ashlynn Ella is not one of the Royals who cares about status and finds the custom of royals associating with only royals boring. Being the daughter of Cinderella, she has an obsession with shoes and believes that everyone should get their own glass slipper.


Evil Step-Librarians. Retrieved April 12, - via YouTube. She is unhappy with her legacy, royls would much rather be a pastry chef. However, they have a change of heart when Cupid helps them realize their self-worth and potential.

Dexter also feels slightly overshadowed by his brother Daring. Hunter is vegetarian like his girlfriend, Holly enjoys writing fanfiction as she has lots in her fairytale. Violent Content. In hgh spare time, Ashlynn Ella.

Rapunzel is the main character from the fairytale with same name. Daring is also very charming towards girls and his smile can make any girl swoon. In Destiny Conflict he prefers the Rebels and takes their side while arguing with royaos wife during narrating. She is a Rebel because she does not want to follow her story.

Faybelle Thorn. Raven's roommate, Apple White, Briar is surprisingly good at studying. He also likes singing the word "Yeah!!! To make up for sleeping in class.


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    EAH Year Book: Royals & Rebels | Kai ✿

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    See a Problem?

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    These are all of the Characters at Ever After High. The " Royals " are a group of students at Ever After High who oppose the " Rebels " in what was known as "The Destiny Conflict", a public disagreement about whether or not students should be made to follow in their fairytale parents' footsteps. Students who side with and support the Royals see the importance of heritage and tradition, thus agreeing to relive the lives of their ancestors. Apple has always seen re-living her mother's story as a great honour and likes the security the comes with having a pre-written destiny. Although Apple's destiny ends with a "happily ever after", Apple has said that even if her story was one of a villain, or even a troll, she would still re-live it. 🤤

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    The company had worked on the Monster High book series, which had sold over two million copies. The "Rebels" renels the students who side with Raven in wanting to create their own destinies. She even produces and stars in a news MirrorCast, Just Right! Baby Bear.

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    The Candy Witch in the mother of Ginger Rebeleand the witch that supposedly lured Hansel and Gretel to her cottage so she could fatten them up and eat them for dinner. Recurring characters in the show. Mother Goose is a staff member at Ever After High. Dexter also feels slightly overshadowed by his brother Daring.

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