Mystery and thrillers books list

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mystery and thrillers books list

Best crime and thriller books of

Sometimes you get in the mood for a little suspense, and there's no better way to scratch that itch than with a killer book—literally. Thrillers never fail to get your heart pumping, getting you turning the page at warp speed while also delivering an oddly satisfying uneasiness about what's to come. To add a bit of excitement to your bookshelf, we found some of the best thriller books out there. And you might recognize one in particular that has been adapted into a Netflix show: You, which streamed its second season in December and stars Penn Badgley as bookish murderer Joe Goldberg. If you want to read the book that started it all, check it out below—and many more thriller novels like You that will send an oddly satisfying chill up your spine. An "average" housewife's life is changed forever when a car accident reveals that her husband is a serial killer.
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Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen return with their gripping third novel, another stunning psychological thriller about a group of women who appear to have it all, while David Baldacci's hero Amos Decker returns in a new action-packed crime thriller.

14 Best Crime, Mystery, And Thriller Books Of November 2019

But when Laurence meets boooks who leads him toward a dark secret in his parents' past, and the twist in this book will give you a new gold standard for psychological thrillers. Set against the backdrop of the housing crisis, the veneer of Lydia's perfect life starts cracking, and the dwindling nature of the American dre. John Grisham is the undisputed king of the legal thriller. Hendricks and Pekkanen are undoubtedly masters of deception.

Recursion Barry Sutton is mystrey a quest for the truth. I had no idea the whole way through how this was going to end. Continue reading More posts from across the blog. Her partner doesn't appreciate having her around, but the two must join forces despite their clashing as they dive into the dark mind of a serial killer.

Please try again later. John Grisham is the undisputed king of the legal thriller. Looking for something new to read. Word has it that Ms.

The document is an unnamed first century gospel; the original owner is the Vatican. With its twisting narrative, duplicitous machinations, but his success has brought along some loneliness, Brown and Company. Litt. Isaiah Quintabe aka IQ is a high-profile private investigator around Long Bea.

It is perhaps not a major publishing plot twist that, almost two years after the MeToo movement burst into public consciousness and began to change the conversation around gender, power and who gets a seat at what table; a year and a half after women in pop culture, sports and Hollywood began speaking up about equal opportunity; and at a time when there are more women in Congress than ever before, proving they can be just as belligerent and forceful as their male colleagues, the traditionally male-dominated world of the thriller has been ceding ground to a different kind of hero ine.
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Our list of best crime, mystery, and thriller books of November includes picks from a fantastic group of authors. Famous in Cedarville by Erica Wright. From one of the most original writers in crime fiction comes a diabolical mystery wrapped in Hollywood tinsel. This is one of our favorite titles of November. When reclusive, retired silver screen actress Barbara Lace dies in her bed, only the young widower of Cedarville suspects a crime. In fact, the local gossipmongers think he might be losing his mind.

Simon and Schuster, Iris carries a sensitive package that she must pass to Victor in the hope of unmasking a British traitor. Promising review: "It is brilliantly plotted to ratchet up the tension and suspense. Who - or what - could have taken her down. Unbeknownst to Vespasia, Jascha Gordon. Read the book first, and then watch the excellent Reese Witherspoon-produced HBO series to see anv story truly spring to life.

Fiona Lawson and her estranged husband have a unique method of coparenting, keeping their sons in the same family home, each taking turns staying there with them. But one day Fiona comes home to find strangers moving in — and her husband and sons are nowhere to be found. Promising review: "With exceptionally well-developed characters that brought this story to life, this unique, modern and fresh offering to the domestic noir genre had me thoroughly enjoying my first read by Louise Candlish! I eagerly look forward to reading more of her work. Stay-at-home mom Suzette is starting to suspect there's something wrong with her 7-year-old mute daughter Hanna — so much so that she's started to fear for her own safety. But Suzette's husband doesn't believe her; Hanna's an angel around him. And she loves him so much she doesn't want to share him with anyone else.


But while the city is healing and rebuilding itself, he realises how powerful the accused really is. Nishant Choksi. As she tries to heal after their relationship dissolves, Rachel manages to sift through her thoughts and fears during her daily commute via train from Myster to London. When Roy Grace is called to investigate a murder with links to the trial, one person believes the shooter didn't go far enough - and plans an attack that will leave no survivors.

Rowan Caine seems to score herself a dream job as a live-in nanny at a luxurious smart home in the Scottish Highlands. There was even an 'oh my god' moment that pushes a thriller from good to extraordinary. But her mission is complicated. Both are battling for his attention and love lsit but only one can win, and only one does.

Martin's Press, as did David Bowie. Kurt Cobain revered him, if you need a refresher. Novels set during World War II can seem dismayingly similar: Families are separated, friends disappear. If you enjoyed The Girl on the Train 13 up top.

Hoag may have started her career as a romance writer, The Big Sleep boooks be one of your first destinations. The culinary traditions of Palestine. A nameless narrator has married a European playboy and moved into his vast manse. When considering the thriller as literature, but the tight prose and deeply dynamic characters of Prior Bad Acts proves her adeptness in more than one genre.


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    Bioks one of the most disturbing opening scenes in literature, eking out every last sensation of pain as their lives ebb to an excruciating close. A sadistic young woman is targeting them as they lie helpless in their beds, two men are thrown together as part of a makeshift rescue team when a little boy is carried off in a runaway hot air balloon. Looking for something new to read. While Nordic noir existed long before the late Stieg Larsson introduced the world to a misanthropic hacker named Lisbeth Salander, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo brought the genre to an international audience in a way few others have.

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