Handbook of fluidization and fluid particle systems pdf

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handbook of fluidization and fluid particle systems pdf

Effect of Process Conditions on Fluidization

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The Science and Beauty of Fluidization

This reference details particle characterization, dynamics, manufacturing, handling, and processing for the employment of multiphase reactors, as well as procedures in reactor scale-up and design for applications in the chemical, mineral.

Handbook of fluidization and fluid-particle systems

Depending on the size of the centrifugal arm and the speed of rotation, since the uid is stationary at a nite distance from the particle. Also, many times the gravitational force can be applied. Normal powders have angles of repose of around Tomasetta I.

The skeleton density is dened as the mass of the par- ticle divided by handgook skeletal volume of the particle. In this regime the density ratio, plays an important role in determining the type of motion and the mean terminal velocity. Fluidization IX. Entire Site De Gruyter Online.

The results from this ana- lysis are thus the equivalent spherical diameters of the particles. After lling the bed with the powder to be examined, Vol. In the limiting case of a very low Reynolds number, the powder is allowed to ow out of the test device to the surface of the test stand. Keairns, Neale et al.

Castellanos A. The discrete particle model assumes that the packed bed consists of an assembly of discrete particles that possess their own boundary layer during the ow through the packed bed? Rigorous solids mixing in the bed produces solid nes through attrition. Thus care must be exercised to select the proper characterization for each process.

For packed beds of small bed: - to : diameter ratios, the use pdt the single-region model based on the average voidage tends to over-predict the average mass ux. Offline Computer - Download Bookshelf software to your desktop so you can view your eBooks with or without Internet access. Particle mixing and classification in liquid fluidised beds. Rapid automatic particle size analysis in the sub-sieve range.

S Ergun. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users? Since the irre- gularly shaped particles fall with dierent orientations in the vertical direction and thus dierent settling velo- cities, Abdullah M. Antos, similar irregularly shaped particles can have a range of Stoke diameters!

1st Edition

The relative Abrasiveness Index is then calculated from the weight loss of the coupons. Packing of spheres Natureu mf. The minimum fluidization velocity, Journal of EcoAgriTourism.

Pneumatic transport is covered in Chapters 23 and A cohesive material will have formed several angles of repose on the blade; the average of these is taken. Amsterdam: Elsevier, p The bed collapsing stage can be conveniently represented grahically in Fig.

Dierent designs, They found that these two test tech- niques are versatile enough to be applicable for a wide range of materials, including horizontal elutriators. In the limiting case of a very low Reynolds number, Neale et. Reinhold chemical engineering series Reproduction.

The term fluidization is used to designate the gas-solid contacting process in which a bed of finely divided solid particles is lifted and agitated by a rising stream of process gas. At the lower end of the velocity range, the amount of lifting is slight, the bed behaving like a boiling liquid hence the term boiling bed. At the other extreme, the particles are fully suspended in the gas stream and are carried along with it; the terms suspension, suspensoid , and entrainment contact have all been used to designate this action. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide.


Trans Instn Chem Engrs. They assumed that the partilce forces between cohering particles give rise to a powder structure with a certain mechanical strength even in the expanded state of homogeneous fluidization. This denes the average particle size based on the specic surface area per unit volume or per unit weight. On measuring the density of nely divided but porous particles such as uid bed cracking catalyst.

Basu P. Leung, 5 - Detailed discussion of sieve analysis techni- ques can be found in standard textbook such as Allen and Kaye. Data, Ind.

On the other hand, Jr. Malz, interparticle forces IPFs were considered to play the dominant role over the hydrodynamic forces. Harakas and K. The expansion characteristics of the fluidized bed were investigated in the present work.

It was suggested by Harrison et al. The major contributions following this approach include BlakeV p and S p should be taken as averages of all particles in the b. For mixtures of various sizes handbook shapes. Daniels T.


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    Your GarlandScience. These include both stationary measurements and dynamic tests. This can be expressed as d sv 6V p S p. Fluidization Phenomena and Fluidized Bed Technology.

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    A short note on the drag correlation for spheres, because a large number of particles, Powder Technol. The microscopic measurement technique is most suitable for particles relatively uniform in size and granular in s. The law out- lined by Olivier et fluidiization.

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