Essence and alchemy by mandy aftel pdf

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essence and alchemy by mandy aftel pdf

Essence and Alchemy PDF

Mandy Aftel born is an American perfumer. She is the owner and nose behind the natural perfume line Aftelier as well as the author of nine books, including four books on natural perfume and a cookbook on essential oils. Mandy Aftel was born in Detroit and attended the University of Michigan , where she studied English and psychology in college, [1] then earned a master's degree in counseling. Aftel began her career as a psychotherapist in Berkeley , with a practice focused on artists and writers. Aftel is also an author herself, publishing several books in the s and s including a biography of Brian Jones. She became interested in scent while working on a novel; [4] envisioning her protagonist would be a perfumer, Aftel began collecting rare books on perfume as part of her research, but ultimately wrote a book on the history of perfume instead. The result, Essence and Alchemy , was published in
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A Conversation with Master Perfumer Sarah Horowitz

Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume

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a Natural History of Perfume

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