Mechanical engineering quiz questions and answers pdf

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mechanical engineering quiz questions and answers pdf

Mechanical Engineering (MCQ) questions and answers - Engineering

Fundamentals 2. Which of the following laws is applicable for the behavior of a perfect gas A. The unit of temperature in S. The unit of mass in S. The unit of time in S. The unit of length in S.
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Mechanical Reasoning Test (Mock Exam Questions)

Engineering quiz , engineering quiz questions and answers pdf for engineering courses to practice objective questions for online engineering degrees and career tests for jobs.

Aptitude Questions and Answers

Mechanical Engineering MCQs and Qkestions Practice multiple choice questions and answers MCQs on mechanical engineering courses as applied thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, or throttling process from high pressure to atmosphere is represented by a horizontal straight line b vertical straight line c straight inclined line d curved line e none of the above. The elements of most concern in regard pollution caused by engines are a CO and C02 b CO and hydrocarbons c C02 and hydrocarbons d carbon and dust e hot products of combustion. On Mollier cha. Ans: d quz.

The behaviour of gases can be fully determined by a 1 law b 2 laws c 3 laws d 4 laws Ans: d An air compressor may be controlled by a throttle control b clearance control c blow-off control d any one of the above mehcanical none of the above. In a throttling process a heat transfer takes place b work is done by the expanding steam c internal energy of steam changes d all of the above e none of the above. Trip Adler.

Fluid Mechanics.
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Mechanical Engineering (MCQ) Questions and Answers

Which of the following fuels can be used in turbojet engines a liquid hydrogne b high speed diesel oil c kerosene d demethylated spirit e methyl alcohol Ans: c. The best suited coal for chain or travelling grate stoker boiler is a coking coal b non coking or free burning coal c pulverised coal d high sulphur coal e least ash content coal. The theoretically correct air fuel ratio for petrol engine is of the order of a 6 : 1 b 9 : 1 c 12 : 1 d 15 : 1 e 20 : 1. In regenerative air preheater, the heat is transferred a from a metal wall from one medium to another b from heating an intermediateanaterial and then heating the air from this material c by direct mixing d heat is transferred by bleeding some gas from furnace e none of the above.

Dynamics of Machinery Test Questions - Set - 1! Ans: d 7. The ratio of useful power; engine friction exhaust gas losses; cooling water, air and oil losses for a diesel engine is of the order of a b c d e Powered by Blogger.

Read the most important Mechanical Engineering concepts here. Take practice test of our MCQ and Objective type questions. Clear any quiz, job interview, placement test, university exam, viva or competitive exam. Design of Machine Elements - 2 - Test Set - 2. Design of Machine Elements - 2 - Test Set - 1. Strength of Materials - Test Set - 3.


Pick up adn correct statement. The theoretically correct air fuel ratio for petrol engine is of the order of a 6 : 1 b 9 : 1 c 12 : 1 d 15 : 1 engineerinng 20 : 1. The essential equipment for producing high vlotage for sparking in petrol engines with battery is a ignition coil b ignition coil and distributor c ignition coil and condenser d ignition coil and contact breaker e ignition coil, contact breaker and con-denser? The spark plug gap is normally maintained at a 0.

Engine pistons 'are usually made of aluminium alloy because it a is lighter b wears less c absorbs shocks d is stronger e does not react with fuel and lub oil. Film boling occurs at a very low pressure b atmospheric pressures c medium pressures d very high pressures e none of the above. Surging is the phenomenon of a air stream blocking the passage b motion of air at sonic velocity c unsteady, periodic and reversed flow d air stream not able to follow the blade contour e production of no air pressure. The efficiency of a nuclear power plant in comparsion to a conventional thermal power plant is a same b more c less d may be less or mote depending on size e unpredictable.


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    The blades of gas turbine are made of a mild steel b stainless steel c carbon steel d high alloy seel quis high nicket alloy neimonic. The ratio of heat utilised to produce steam and the heat liberated in furnace is known as a boiler effectiveness b boiler evaporative capacity c factor of mmechanical d equivalent evaporation e boiler efficiency. Please send all question and answer for mechanical engineeringto coolgaurav gmail. Ans: e.

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    Compressors, Gas Turbines and Jet Engines.

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